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For those of us that have the travel bug, the past two years have been challenging! Now that domestic and international travel is somewhat back to normal (aside from necessary testing), let’s make sure we remember all of the do’s and don’ts of domestic and international travel, and what you need for each!

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With the Indian GDP (Gross Domestic Product) growing at one of the highest rates in the world & there being a dearth of hotels to cater to the domestic, as well as international travellers, it is going to be interesting times ahead for the hospitality industry. There are huge changes happening between the international & domestic brands of hotel in India & there are more and more international brands making their presence felt in India.

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A travel visa is often a mandatory document for international passengers to be granted access into their destination. If a visa is part of a state’s travel requirements, visitors without one will not be allowed to cross their borders.


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Car Hire is a car that you rent for a specified, usually short, period. The best way to get the car you need at an affordable price is to plan ahead and book in advance before you travel, if you can. This gives you plenty of time to compare different car hire companies, read and understand the conditions of hire and consider the cost and value of any additional charges.

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